Home Warranty Buyers Guide

You’re here because you’re a homeowner who needs a home warranty. You need it to protect your investment in your home, and to continue to live your life in comfort even when something breaks down. But you probably don’t know what the difference is between all the home warranty companies, or how to decide between them and their many home warranty plan options. That’s why is here. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to find out which company is the best around, and which products are right for you. Online comparison shopping gets you the best deal, and helps you avoid getting ripped off by a shoddy product or unreliable service. That’s true for everything from TVs to airline tickets, and it’s true for home warranties as well. Home warranty reviews are the information you need to choose a home warranty provider.

It’s not all about a home warranty you buy for yourself, though. Frequently, home warranties are purchased by real estate agents, so you may have obtained a home warranty when you purchased your home. If you already have a home warranty, you may want to know how that company is rated by other customers. Since real estate agents are looking to assure their buyers that their home is secure, without any cause for worry, they have an incentive to provide the home buyer with a reliable home warranty. However, you should check out the company yourself, in case the real estate agent didn’t do their homework, or in case the home warranty provider’s quality of service has changed since the warranty was purchased.

If you’re selling your home yourself, then you can benefit greatly from including a home warranty with it, paid in advance. Most home warranties are extremely inexpensive compared to the selling price of a house, and the fact that your home is covered against any eventuality can inspire confidence in your buyers that the home has been well cared for. Presenting the best picture of your home as a worry-free choice can attract more buyers, or make them feel that the home is worth a higher price. This is why many realtors include home warranties on homes they sell, even in states that do not require it, and it’s why you should consider it when selling a home yourself.

You’ve got several factors to consider when looking at home warranty ratings and evaluating home warranty options for yourself. The main question is, “What am I getting for my money?” You want to know if the company chooses reliable and skilled repair technicians, if the repair service is prompt, if they provide quality replacements when repairs are impossible, and whether their home warranty policies excludes important factors that will prevent you from getting repairs. And when you’ve got a handle on the quality of service each company offers, you want to know whether you’d be paying too much for it with some companies, or whether other companies offer the best deals.

Obviously, some of this is subjective – no two homes are alike, and most homeowners have different concerns. Some homeowners have expensive kitchen appliances that they’d rather keep in fine condition without having to replace them. Other homeowners are most concerned about repairs if a luxury item like a pool or hot tub is damaged or parts wear out. Depending how elaborate your needs are, you may find that paying a premium price for the best home warranty plan a company offers will get you the comprehensive coverage you need. If your needs are more standard, then you can look for the company that offers a basic home warranty plan at the best price while staying reliable.

With enough home warranty reviews, you can see what other homeowners value and compare that to what you need to protect your home. Looking at how well each home warranty company fulfilled each customer’s needs, you can get a sense of whether that company provides the services you need for your home. Individual reviews may be imbalanced – a customer may be mad at their home warranty provider because one customer service representative was rude to them on the phone, or because an independent repair technician the company hired was late, or because the customer didn’t fully understand their coverage options. But when you read all the reviews of one company together, you can form your own balanced view of whether the company is right for you.

The other factor, besides the details of a home warranty’s service, is the bottom line cost. But that cost has to be balanced against your desire for the services you need most. When you read reviews of a home warranty, what you’re doing is appraising its value. It’s not just about the results that home warranty company has gotten for other customers, it’s about your confidence that the company will come through for you when you need them. You’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got a solution when things go wrong. When you shop for a home warranty, you’re determining what coverage is requisite for that peace of mind, and what price you’re willing to pay for that coverage.

If you’re selling your home, then price may not be as much of an object. If you believe a home warranty will be an incentive to your potential buyers, then you want the plan that offers the best service with the most comprehensive coverage, no matter what. It will be up to the homeowners to renew or cancel it a year after they move in (or longer, depending on the term of the plan), and the cost of the plan will be absorbed in the selling price of the house. In that case, you want a home warranty with the highest customer satisfaction, so that any concerns the home buyers have can be dealt with.